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Name:Phoebe Alcott (Selene)
Birthdate:Nov 8

Dreaming away reality

Universalis verse:

The original moon goddess, Selene was relieved that Zeus did not banish her like he did other Titans. Perhaps it was because of her fickle and somewhat promiscuous nature, that she easily fit right in with the Olympians. Always being overly fond of mortals, Selene had no qualm with having to rely on them and take their form. It only, after all, brought her closer to those she had habits of falling for so easily. Adopting the name “Phoebe Alcott”, Selene spends her time in mortal form as a perpetual college student that “interns” at OlympiCorps. Should she be asked whether she still visits Endymion, she will very casually change the subject. That is no one’s business but her own.

Selene is a hopeless romantic by every sense of the word. Through the years, she has had many a love affair and loved each of them, some more than others. Selene falls hard and she falls fast, enjoying every love affair as much as the next. She is a caring individual, which can be accredited to her insistence of granting Endymion immortality. However, her plea for his eternal sleep was also due to her selfishness.

Outwardly, Selene can appear cold and reserved. Even with her mortality as a façade, she takes her job seriously and is quiet in social situations where she is not entirely comfortable. As the Moon watches over the Earth, Selene watches over mortals. She'd much rather watch from afar than be in the very middle of things. However, once she becomes more familiar with a situation, she becomes less distant. To those she is familiar with, she is a loving woman, compassionate with a cheeky sense of humor. While Selene is often the one seduced, she can sometimes turn the table around and be the seductress when she has her eye on someone in particular. She is used to getting what she wants and will do what it takes to get it.

While Selene is, for the most part, a calm woman, she is capable of losing her temper. And perhaps because it takes so long for her to snap, it is even more frightening when she does.

House | Greco-Roman
Master Minder | Cecilia D'Angelo - Blessed with the ability to manipulate and pierce illusion
Apprentice minder | Casper King - Blessed with the ability to inspire calm and love


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